Morocco Tourist Assistance Service


While Morocco is a safe country to travel in, sometimes unforeseen situations can occur where you may require legal or emotional assistance. At MOTAS, we provide free emotional and legal support to those who have experienced or witnessed a crime or accident while traveling in Morocco.


As a tourist, it’s crucial to be informed in case you encounter a cross-border situation or witness a crime while traveling. Navigating the legal system and finding victim support can be challenging, but at MOTAS, we’re here to help. Our trained staff will guide you, provide support, and assist you in navigating the Moroccan system. 


It’s common for victims to unjustly blame themselves or feel hesitant to seek legal or emotional support, often due to a lack of knowledge about their rights and available support. It’s important to remember that the victim is never at fault, and victims do have rights. At MOTAS, we are here to assist you in claiming your rights.


As a tourist in our beautiful country, it’s helpful to know practical information such as where to eat, how to obtain a local phone number, how to flag down a taxi, and the location of the nearest train station. When you’re new in town, there are many useful things to know. To make things easier, we have gathered some tips to help you find answers to these questions.


Discover the latest updates on travel tips, essential information, and news relevant to your journey in Morocco. Stay informed about national and international tourism news, including (cross-border) victim support. Explore our NEWS section for previous articles and use the news categories to easily find the topics that interest you the most.

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Want to help victims?

We need your help!

Want to be a part of something bigger than your self – and something that will not only help cross boarder victims in Morocco, but also put focus on victims’ legal rights as well as social policies to help cross boarder victims around the world after the crime?  Then Morocco Assistance Tourist Service is the place for you! We can always use more voluntary hands – both nationally and internationally as well as any donations big or small; being money, professional services or even practical things for victims how have lost their belongings as clothes and a (used) phone.