Get involved

One hand can’t clap alone – neither can we. Would you like to contribute to the development of MOTAS and help ensure transparent, qualified, and unified assistance for cross-border victims? Join us at MOTAS!


We are seeking volunteers fluent in English, French, Arabic, or Spanish, with diverse educational backgrounds and work experience. Your assignments will be tailored to your qualifications and interests, encompassing tasks such as providing legal or emotional support to cross-border victims, networking nationally and internationally, developing tools for victims and colleagues, managing our website and social media, and more.


Applications are now open for volunteer positions starting in August 2023. Fill out the application form, and if your profile matches our requirements, you will be contacted for an interview. Successful candidates will undergo comprehensive training in active listening, the criminal justice system, victims' rights, and available resources. Join our team and make a difference. Contact us or apply today for more information.