Clain your rights

If you have been a cross-border victim of a crime in Morocco, it is essential to be aware of your rights and assert them. These rights aim to protect you as a victim, ensuring access to legal representation and assistance in seeking compensation. While certain rights already exist, there is ongoing work to further develop legislation and support for cross-border victims. We are dedicated to identifying and preparing measures that enhance the rights of cross-border victims, both legally and socially.

We fight for your rights

As a cross boarder victim or witness of crime in another country it can be challenging to stand up for your rights, because you have been insulted and your boundaries have been exceeded. The feelings attached to the incident can involve a low self-confidence and self-esteem and taking your place and demanding your rights can therefore be hard – also because you are so far away from loved once and a legal system you know. Regardless of which femlings you have and regardless of the degree of difficulty you may experience, we are here to fight for and with you. We will ensure that your rights are met, and we will help you keep the authorities on track.